Our Boys

 We are two English Toy Terriers, Luke and Ron

English Toy Terrier
Luke and Ron

my birth name – according to my papers – is “Enjoy Ken Howard”.
But normally I’m called Luke.
In fall 2010 no one of the family thought that some weeks later a tiny little puppy – me – would influence their whole daily life. In December 2010, that really cold and snowy winter, I moved from North Rhine – Westfalia to my new family in Hesse.

Luke als Baby
Puppy Luke

My human pack was so happy about me and gave me so much love and attention from the beginning. They raised me with so much patience, inner calm and lovely consequence and helped me to become a healthy, majectic and self-confident male. They call me „Hundekind“ and really care for me. And since little sweetie Ron moved in, he gets all that comfort, too. Because love is he only thing, that grows if its shared.

My little brother Ron…

… well, he should tell on his own!

Hello, I’m Ron. My family says that I definitely got the right name “Enjoy Ronald Mc Donald” because I’m a little clown. I don’t know why, I’m just always in a good mood and love to frolic and jump around. I’m full of zest for life and nosey, and I love to poke my little black nose in everything. I’m so happy if I see a two – or fourlegged familymember and I just need to cuddle them – it doesn’t matter how long I haven’t seen him or her.

Ron als Baby
Puppy Ron                     Photo: Horstmann

Luke should have a fourlegged companion and my family totally felt in love with me. And because I’m male and I also, like my halfbrother, have got a great pedigree, I got to know my new territory in Hesse in September 2013.

Now Luke continues to tell our story. As the older brother, he knows much more than me.

Our pack really loves us: They call us lovely, beautiful, spirited, cheerful, elegant, gracious, great, teachable, pretty cuddly, swift, intelligent, simply charming, unmatchable (and if there are even more fitting attributes them, too!) dogs.

Sounds good huh? For them, we’re the paragon of dogs, of English Toy Terriers.

Our parents

ETT Billie Jean of Tillarn
Our lovely  mom: CH Billie Jean of Tillarn          Photo: Horstmann

We got the same mother, because we’re halfbrothers. Her name is “Billie Jean of Tillarn” (Billie). She is a Champion and Europasiegerin. And a wonderful mother! She was so lovely and caring – even though it was a tough job as Ron and me got several siblings.


Shanedale Military Honours
Ron’s dad: CH Shanedale Military Honours                  Photo: Horstmann



Rons father, “Shanedale Military Honours” (Rodney), is multiple Champion, my father is also a multiple Champion and called “Amalek Man in the Mirror” (Cedric).

Amalek Man in the Mirror
Luke’s dad: CH. Amalek in the Mirror                                                 Photo: Horstmann



We both were born in Bielefeld, Germany at our breeder Kersten Horstmann, and his Kennel Enjoy. (If you have any more questions about ETTs or are interested in lovely Border Terriers, you should visit the website Kennel Enjoy). We grew up in a great pack of ETTs and Border Terriers in a beautiful home with a large garden. Now we live in idyllic Hesse. When I arrived at my new home, I immediately inspected everything, although there was so much snow in the garden.
For Ron, it was a bit easier. Because I already know everything and I kindly share my territory with him. Naturally! We got enough space!

Im Feld
On a walk.

Only two blocks away are huge fields of asparagus, wheat and corn and green meadows and forests.

If you want to know more about us, our family, our achieved success in the show ring in Germany and abroad or about our breed, simply surf through our webpages.

We hope you enjoy reading our website!