Who we are:

My husband, my daughter and me. We’re living together with our English Toy Terriers in Main-Kinzig district, in the heart of Germany. In a small village surrounded by woods and beautiful countryside. Feld in Rodenbach We all grew up with pets, especially with German Shepards and can’t imagine a life without fourlegged friends anymore. Out team is completed by our warmblood Kentucky. When we decided to share our home with a dog again, the question of an appropriate breed arose. The Doberman fascinated us. His elegant and powerful appearance and his short and glossy dark coat seemed to be perfect. But due to several aspectes we decided to search for a small look alike breed. The dog should be able to be easily carried with us, like on holidays by plane. We wanted a breed that requires little grooming, that had an distinctive character and had no childlike characteristics, but an well balanced, compact and elegant appearance. After a while and lots of research we came across the rarely English Toy Terrier. This small, delicate terrier, colored black and tan with this huge and lovely, candle flamed ears captivated us immediately. The extraordinary breed with this beautiful movement silimar to extended trot of a horse, was perfect for us. We started searching intensely to find a responsible breeder we could trust and who fulfilled our high expectations.

Züchter Kersten Horstmann
Kersten Horstmann and two Border Terriers

Fortunately we got into contact with Kersten Horstmann and his dogs of Kennel Enjoy and fate was very kind: After a while our „Enjoy Ken Howard“ aka Luke moved in. From the moment he arrived, we were totally captivated and in love with this little bundle of joy. And we don’t want to miss one second of his lovely companionship. With him we dived into the world of dog shows and we never regretted our choice! Meanwhile Luke received several champion titles and this expressive and wonderful boy enriches our life every day! A real treasure. After a while we wanted a second English Toy Terrier to join our family. Three years passed until our darling „Enjoy Ronald Mc Donald“ aka Ron moved in summer 2013.

Luke und Ron
Luke and his little brother Ron.

He also conquered our hearts in a storm and is a very elegant representative of his breed. He already proved his quality at several dog shows. Our little sunshine that fills up every place he enters with enchantment and joy.


A lovely thank you goes to my husband and my daughter for being the way they are and for the perfect coordination of  our daily routine.

And thank you to the members of KfT-chapter Main-Kinzig-Ronneburg around president Hannelore Schade. They included us from the first minute and imparted their huge knowledge willingly. They and especially Petra Konrad with her Bedlington Terriers became good friends.

Last but not least: Another great thank you goes to Kersten Horstmann for being the conscientious breeder we were looking for. We really appreciate his knowledge, assistance, patience and honesty. We always feel in good hands and excellently supported. But most of all we have to thank him for the confidence and trust he placed in us and for the gorgeous dogs that he send to our home. They enrich our lives every day with so much overwhelming love, with their sparkling eyes and their unique character. They carry the name „Enjoy“ with pride!

SonnenbadThank you all so much!
Claudia Eysell-Metzger