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About the Breed

Characteristics and annotations about the standard:

The English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan), here shortly referred to as ETT, is one of the smallest and lightest terriers of FCI/VDH Group 3, FCI Section 4, Toy Terrier, without working trial. He is in spite of his elegant long legs, a short leg terrier. His height should be about 30 centimeters, his weight about 2,5 to 3,6 kilograms. Due to a small population and even smaller gene pool of ETT it is accepted that dogs can be about 35 centimeters in height and about 5 kilogramms (10 pounds) in weight if all other criteria of the ETT standard are fulfilled.

“Enjoy Ken Howard”



The ETT is a nearly rectangular-build dog with straight fine legs, providing a straight front and a well angulated hindquaters. He is well balanced, compact and elegant. The neck should be slightly arched, the line of neck should be flowing gracefully into shoulders and sloping off elegantly.
The chest is lowest point of the body, reaching down to elbows and narrow with ribs well sprung, inherited by former crossed in greyhounds.
Comparison to Miniature Pinschers is absolutely undesirable. The tail is thick at its root, set low, carried in a little upward tendency and not reaching below hock.
In excitement it is often carried higher.


The official name of the breed „English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan)“ already suggests that the ETT only occures in the colors black and tan. The black is deeply ebony, the tan can vary from yellowish to reddish, like chestnut deeply rich. The colors meet apruptly. The coat should be thick and glossy. The ETT had an enormeous influence on the history of Russian Toy Terriers or Prague Ratter but varying body colorations like occuring at these breeds are not allowed. Also any other kind of similarities are not tolerated.

Head, eyes and ears:

The head is long, narrow and filled up under the eyes, the skull is flat and the stop should be slight. The cranial region is wedge shaped. The ETT has never an apple shaped head or popping out eyes like Chihuahua or Prague Ratter, therefore the ETT has rarely eyes injuries.
The eyes are relatively small, obliquely set and not prominent – they should be almond shaped, dark and sparkling. The nose is always dark and never colored liver.
Two tan colored dots above the eyes are typical for black and tan.
The ears are of candle flame shape with slightly pointed tips and are placed high upon back of the skull and well proportionately close together. The correct size can be explained by bending the ears forward: The ears should not reach the eyes.
The inside of the ear should face the front and the leather of the ear is thin. The ears of an ETT must be carried erect from the age of nine months on.

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The ETT is not of outgoing attitude towards strangers. He decides on his own, if someone is worthy of his attention. He can be called reluctant and observes unknown persons with sceptisism. If you are well known, he welcomes you friendly and is a lovely companion. He is a dedicative, affectionated friend but can be sometimes a possessive little terrier. He loves cuddling and spending time with his family, accompanying at work or holiday, travelling by car, by plane and at bicycle basket but definitely not to walk next to bike.
The ETT loves to cuddle on the couch together with his owner and even under the blanket and in bed. English Toy Terriers are alert and can be defending if it is necessary but can’t really knock out an offender.
An ETT needs to be trained like every other breed. He need to obey his owner, to learn to stay alone if required and how to behave at restaurants or other public places.

Never forget: A dog is the opposite hand of his owner and reflects his character! A dog is like a student; and a student just can be as good as its teacher.
If the teacher fails, is not the student’s fault!



The ETT is a healthy little terrier without specific deseases.
He is a gorgeous, lovely, intelligent, smart and astute dog.
If you don’t know him, you might miss something!
Get to know this adorable breed like we did and maybe you also fall in love.
We’re happy about new fans of ETT but we never want him to become an accessoire or famous “designer dog”.

"Enjoy Ken Howard"
“Enjoy Ken Howard”


The English Toy Terrier should stay what he is -
a gem, an extraordinary treasure in the huge canine world.


With the kind consent of Kersten Horstmann, Kennel Enjoy, Germany, 2011